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  • American Heart Association - Gives complete details on the cholesterol numbers and what they should be.
  • Ask the Dietitian - Question and answer format about cholesterol and saturated fat.
  • Bupa - Concise fact sheet explaining the causes, symptoms and treatment of cholesterol. Available for down loading in Adobe acrobat format.
  • The Cholesterol Myths - Review of this issue, written by an independent researcher, Uffe Ravnskov, MD, PhD.
  • Eat Fat, Be Healthy - Information about genetically-caused heart disease due to small-particle LDL syndrome. Includes questions and answers, book excerpt and cardiac risk quiz.
  • Fish Oils and Cholesterol/Triglycerides - Summaries of research concerning fish oils and serum cholesterol and triglyceride levels.
  • Focus on Cholesterol - List of resources for patients experiencing elevated cholesterol levels. Explanation of its role in heart disease.
  • For Your Health - High Cholesterol Risks - High cholesterol, lipids, lipoproteins, LDL HDL, triglycerides, and metabolic syndrome. Offers answers as to what it all means, and how to treat it.
  • Good News in Cholesterol - Offers information on how to maintain healthy cholesterol levels. With cholesterol calculation tools and healthy recipes, users learn how lead a healthy lifestyle vital in the prevention of heart disease and stroke.
  • The Healthy Refrigerator - Nutritional advice and information to reduce risk of heart problems or manage heart conditions. Recipes, foods suggestions, facts about heart disease.
  • How Stuff Works - Doctor-written seven-part description of cholesterol and how to avoid its health problems.
  • Inch Aweigh: Lowering Your Cholesterol - The Foods - A cholesterol-lowering guide that explains what to eat, what to avoid and why.
  • InteliHealth: Cholesterol - Includes basic information, treatment options, and an ask-the-expert section. Reviewed by Harvard Medical School.
  • Kyolic - Causes, treatment, symptoms and diet and exercise for Cholesterol.
  • - Learn why blood cholesterol matters and how to choose foods to lower your levels.
  • Lipid Clinic - For the public and healthcare professionals to learn about the evaluation and treatment of high cholesterol and lipid abnormalities.
  • Living with Cholesterol: AHA - Information for understanding the facts and reducing your risk factor of heart disease and stroke. Recipes available.
  • Lowering Cholesterol Naturally - Independent information about safely lowering cholesterol levels through diet and supplements, including causes and symptoms of high cholesterol, and cholesterol medications and their side effects on your health.
  • Mamas Health - Provides information about Cholesterol. What it is and how to control it.
  • - In four sections: Informs as to why blood cholesterol matters, guidelines for heart healthy living, cholesterol in children and fats and foods tables.
  • - Find out how to lower your cholesterol level through diet or medication.
  • National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute - In-depth look at cholesterol and why it matters, heart disease, benefits from lowering, having it checked, diet, exercise, weight and many more topics are discussed.
  • Rose Medical Center - High Cholesterol - An article about cholesterol, discussing the interpretation of the numbers, good and bad cholesterol as well as how to fight it when it is high.
  • Ruchi Cholesterol - Learn about its sources, its effects, and its roles in the body. Also know about how soya helps to check high cholesterol.
  • THINCS - The International Network Of Cholesterol Skeptics - An association of scientists, science writers, physicians, and other academically trained individuals who are skeptical to the cholesterol hypothesis.
  • US Food and Drug Administration - Information regarding keeping cholesterol under control. An article by John Henkel.
  • VAP Cholesterol Test - Atherotech - Information about the Vertical Auto Profile cholesterol test, which identifies twice as many people at risk than the traditional test, including those with inherited risk factors.
  • Veritas Medicine - Clinical trial listings for high cholesterol. Perform a personalized search to find ongoing clinical trials that match your needs.
  • WebMDHealth: Cholesterol Management Health Center - Consumer health site for cholesterol, written and reviewed by doctors.
  • What Doctors Don't Tell You - Information about cholesterol test kits and how they are being kept off the market by the medical establishment.
  • When to Start Cholesterol-Lowering Therapy in Patients With Coronary Heart Disease - A statement for health care professionals from the American Heart Association task force on risk reduction.

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