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  • Bioslide Technologies - Provides microarray products, laboratory glassware and liquid handling equipment. Includes photos and contact information.
  • Biotech Holdings - Bioanalytical laboratories specialized in customized gels and reagents for electrophoresis and related services, latex protein testing, fine cosmetics, collagen type II, and kits for educational market.
  • Brain-Mart - Brain-related products including brain models and anatomical charts.
  • Chiral Purification Services - Products include chiral chromatography and pure enantiomers. Offers custom purification services and chromatographic supports. Based in France.
  • Echelon Research Laboratories - Produces research-oriented products used for the study of cell signaling, in particular phosphoinositide phosphates.
  • Edge BioSystems - Supplies DNA and PCR purification products, cDNA libraries and protein expression systems.
  • Eiber-Lab Laboratory Equipment - German exporter of Laboratory equipment and medical instruments
  • Elisa Test Kits - Manufactures enzyme immunoassays for the detection of residues in food and feed, as well as human infectious diseases.
  • Fermenters from LabKorea - Bioprocessing, fermentation, laboratory, and microbiology equipment for the food, agricultural, and waste industries.
  • GenoVision - Provides solutions for genetic analysis, including sample preparation and HLA typing.
  • Gentra Systems - Offers manual and automated DNA, RNA purification and isolation products for clinical molecular diagnostics, gene discovery and pharmacogenetics.
  • GW LAB - Fine, Ultra-fine and Microwire from wide variety of metals and their alloys in flexible, non porous glass insulation. Unique wire characteristics ensure highest electrical stability in adverse environment. Custom design glass encapsulated components available from this wire.
  • GWC Instruments - Produces instruments which use Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) to measure absorption of thin films on gold surfaces. This technique is used to study interactions between proteins, DNA, and RNA. Includes a list of products.
  • Haemolab - Laboratory reagents sale - The Haemolab's site presents the main services of our company: sales of laboratory devices and reagents, sales and services of instruments. This WEB-site's goal is to extend our sales and to make us known among medical laboratories.
  • High Speed Air Thermocyclers - Features articles explaining the different thermal cycler products, for genetic identification, that this company has to offer.
  • Hillside Books - Books and equipment for entomologists for sale from a store in Canterbury, UK.
  • HJ-Bioanalytik - Presentation of a wide range of microtiterplates and additional equipment.
  • Idaho Technology - Develops, manufactures and sells thermal cyclers in the world, the R.A.P.I.D and the RapidCycler. Bacterial agent sensors.
  • Incyte Pharmaceuticals - A leading provider of integrated platforms of genomic technologies designed to aid in the understanding of the molecular basis of disease.
  • InCytoTox - Laboratory of cellular and molecular biology, technological solutions for health solutions.
  • Invitrogen Web Resource - Includes catalog of research products, vector maps and sequence data, product manuals and brochures, and forums for gene expression and PCR cloning.
  • Jule Biotechnologies, Inc. - Pre-cast, ready-made polyacrlamide gels in both mini and larger sizes, including tris-glycine, TBE, urea, and tricine gels, buffers, staining reagents, and gradient formers.
  • Kisker - Supply laboratory products in the area of molecular biology.
  • LigoChem - New Dimensions in BioSeparations - An integrated approach to engineering bioseparation solutions with a unique array of advanced material technologies.
  • MD Biosciences - Presents a broad range of R&D biotechnology products.
  • Molecula Research Laboratories, LLC - Supplies high quality/cost effective DNA/RNA synthesis, dual labeled probes, various modifications and RNAi oligonucleotides. Specializes in design of siRNA and Antisense for gene function solutions.
  • Montreal Biotech - Molecular biology equipment and cell culture products distributor.
  • New Brunswick Scientific - A multi-national company which manufactures and supports equipment for the growth, measurement and recovery of cells and their by-products.
  • Packard BioScience - Manufactures instruments and related consumables, and services used in the life sciences research and nuclear industries.
  • Pelletlab - Our specialty is a fast-growing and popular science project, the study of Barn Owl pellets.
  • PerkinElmer Life and Analytical Sciences - Supplier of high performance analytical systems and methods for drug discovery, life science research and clinical diagnostics.
  • R. Shadel Inc. - Supplies for working with protein, RNA, DNA, radiation safety. Also Laboratory accessories and custom work.
  • Rainbow Scientific, Inc. - Offers molecular cytogenetics, hematology, and clinical chemistry products. Includes a brief description of products, a listing of conference times and contact information.
  • ResGen Inc. - Products for genomic research including microarrays, tissue arrays, clones, libraries, peptides, antibodies, peptides, RNA, cDNA, reagents, primers, markers and probes. Includes description of products and an online catalogue.
  • RoboDesign International Corporation - Manufacture automation equipment for DNA microarrays, genomics, proteomics medical and semiconductor industries .
  • Scie Plas Limited - Provides electrophoresis and radiation protection products, along with the associated peripherals. Lists products and distributors.
  • Shandon, Inc. - Equipment and consumables used in pathology applications, including cytology, histology, molecular biology, and immunochemistry, along with trade show listings and lab newsletter.
  • Solutions for Bioresearch - Products and services for molecular biological research and diagnostics, such as DNA sequencing, laboratory automation, kits and reagents. Explains products and output capabilities. Includes photos.
  • thinkPharm - Information on pharmaceutical drug patent expirations, claims, sales figures, and generic equivents.
  • Ultraviolet Germicidal Mask - A Information on infectious environments, or those with impaired immune systems.
  • Wildlife Materials, Inc - Manufacturers of animal radio collars and other locating devices for use with pets or in the field. Lists and describes product uses. Some items can be ordered online.

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