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  • ACE BioSciences - ACE is based on a broad biotechnology platform integrating infectious disease biology with analytical protein chemistry and bioinformatics with a core competence in protein interaction technology.
  • ActivX Biosciences - ActivX is applying proprietary chemical technologies and high-throughput protein analysis. By focusing specifically on functional proteins, ActivX technology addresses disease mechanisms directly.
  • Advanced Life Sciences - Employing its discovery engine in medicinal chemistry focused in natural products and chemical proteomics, Advanced Life Sciences innovates and develops new drugs for life-threatening diseases in the areas of infectious disease, oncology and inflammation.
  • Agilix - Agilix is a developer of next generation functional genomics and proteomics platform technologies for the systematic discovery and analysis of genes, their protein products and related biological functions.
  • Ambit Biosciences - Ambit's proprietary, high-throughput chemical proteomics technology enables the rapid discovery of interactions between small molecules and human proteins. Ambit uses these discoveries to develop proprietary, target-specific small molecule drugs, and to identify new uses for existing drugs and clinical-stage compounds.
  • Amersham Biosciences - Flash presentation to promote the use of 2D-electrophoresis and mass spectrometry in the identification and charactarization of expressed proteins, using instruments manufactured by company based in Piscataway, NJ and Europe.
  • AmProx - Offers 2D PAGE and mass spec protein identification services, from Carlsbad, CA.
  • Arcturus Bioscience - Arcturus is the leader in Laser Capture Microdissection (LCM) and reagent systems for microgenomics, the molecular analysis of microscopic tissue samples, with systems installed in leading cancer centers and other research and clinical laboratories worldwide.
  • AxCell Biosciences Corp. - Offers proprietary software, databases and services for charting protein pathway and signaling data, for drug-target discovery and agricultural industries. Subsidiary of Cytogen Corp. in Newtown, PA.
  • BD Biosciences: Proteomics - BD Biosciences provides integrated, high-value products and services for genomics, proteomics, drug discovery & development, oncology, and immune function.
  • BioAffinity Technologies - The Company specializes in providing Structural Proteomics solutions to biotech and pharmaceutical companies in support of drug discovery and development.
  • Biocept - Biocept develops and commercializes next generation microarrays for genomics and proteomics. With its proprietary 3D HydroArray Technology platform, the company intends to develop and launch products for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, academic, and medical sectors.
  • BioMicro Systems - BioMicro a broad array of microfluidic biochip technologies to eliminate technological hurdles and processing bottlenecks currently limiting the development of new pharmaceutical compounds and the progress of genomics, proteomics and diagnostics research.
  • Calibrant Biosystems - Calibrant Biosystems provides next-generation instruments for advanced proteomics research by using fully integrated multidimensional capillary and microfluidic technologies
  • CombiMatrix - CombiMatrix develops life science research products based on proprietary technologies in the areas of genomics and proteomics. CombiMatrix' products are designed to aid in the discovery and development of new drugs and diagnostics for human healthcare. The flexible and customizable technology is also suitable for animal and plant research, as well as industrial and biothreat applications.
  • Correlogic Systems - Correlogic provides research and development tools and support services to the pharmaceutical, research and diagnostic communities. Correlogic’s proprietary software makes it possible to identify proteomic bio-markers and other complex biomolecular relationships.
  • Cryptome Pharmaceuticals - Cryptome has invented a novel drug discovery platform harnessing state-of-the-art automated proteomics and bioassay technologies.
  • Definiens - Definiens has developed Proteomweaver designed to overcome operational gap and to accelerate the R&D process in proteomics research by offering automation, throughput, reliability and accuracy at a level unmatched by any other solution in the field.
  • Eclipse Diagnostics - Eclipse has created a revolutionary new diagnostic product called BAMF™ Technology that enables breakthrough detection of cancer and other diseases through non-invasive, serum-based (blood) tests.
  • Efeckta - Efeckta's primary area of expertise is in the development of diverse data management and analysis toolsets based on rigorous application of proprietary mathematical techniques with current focus on the proteomics and mass spectrometry segments.
  • Eksigent - Eksigent is creating entirely new classes of analytical instruments and fluid delivery systems for high throughput chromatography and proteomics research.
  • ePitope Informatics - ePitope Informatics is an Internet-based applied bioinformatics company specialising in epitope prediction and protein analysis. Epitope prediction and protein analysis services for proteomics, diagnostics, therapeutics, life science research and commercial antibody production.
  • Eprogen - ProteoSep gel-free technology using LC-MS and other characterization techniques, for mapping intact proteins retained in the liquid phase for subsequent post translational modifications. Offers licensing or contract services in Darien, Illinois.
  • Europroteome - Europroteome's mission is to advance the development of cancer drugs and diagnostics based on a unique discovery & validation process that merges both molecular clinical data.
  • Evitra - Evitra is a biotechnology company which provides solutions to protein production problems. Evitra offers a technology that constitutes a major breakthrough in production of proteins for structural and functional studies.
  • FFE-Weber - FFEWeber GmbH develop and advance Free Flow Electrophoresis (FFE) and its application in research of biopolymers and bioparticles, with the focus in the field of proteomics research.
  • GeneProt - GeneProt is a life science company using the very latest developments in protein technologies to improve the quality and speed of the drug discovery and development process.
  • GenoLogics - The proteomics LIMS company, Laboratory information management systems software (LIMS), scientific data management software, high throughput screening biology, genomics, proteomics, systems biology and LIMS.
  • Gyros - Using our proprietary microfluidic technology platform, Gyros streamline the many steps of conventional applications into single, nanoliter scale procedures. Initial product offerings are focused towards the growing area of proteomics.
  • HTS Biosystems - HTS Biosystems is creating comprehensive and integrated systems and solutions that enhance and expedite the discovery, validation, and screening of target proteins.
  • Hybrigenics - Company inviting collaboration with biopharmaceutical companies on selected proteins, for mapping interactions, validating targets for drug screening for cancer, infectious and metabolic diseases, in Paris, France.
  • INCAPS - Indiana Centers for Applied Protein Sciences is a contract research services and technology validation organization focused on proteomics. INCAPS strives to offer a diverse set of proteomics tools to offer competitive services in: expert experimental design, proteomics sample testing, technology validation, and bio-statistical analysis & consulting.
  • Inpharmatica - Offers platform, genomic and proteomic database for simultaneous bioinformatics, chemogenomics, disease indication and pharmacology research. Includes investor relationships, corporate news, recruitment in London, UK.
  • Ionalytics - Ionalytics designs and manufactures the Ionalytics Selectra. The Selectra, which can be attached to existing or new mass spectrometers, is currently being used within drug discovery markets in both pharmaceutical and proteomics applications.
  • Kendro - Kendro manufactures and markets a wide variety of equipment for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, clinical, diagnostic, and blood processing sectors. Rhombix™ Series of products covers all aspects of the protein crystallization process.
  • Kinexus - Kinexus is harnessing the powerful synergies of genomics, proteomics and bioinformatics to understand cell signalling for the advancement of drug discovery, disease diagnosis, and global biomedical research.
  • LI-COR Biosciences - The company pioneered the development of infrared fluorescence labeling and detection systems for DNA sequencing, protein imaging, genotyping, and AFLP for genomic and proteomic research.
  • Matritech, Inc. - Matritech is a developer of proteomics-based diagnostic products for the early detection of cancer. Using its patented proteomics technology, Matritech has identified proteins correlated with breast, bladder, prostate, cervical and colon cancers.
  • Matrix Science Ltd. - Explains Mascot, a search engine for protein identification using mass spectrometry data. Lists participating companies, with contacts for Japan, Canada and USA, from their base in London, UK.
  • MDS Sciex - MDS Sciex researches, designs and produces mass spectrometers and scientific instruments.
  • Medical ProteoScope - MPS's integrated technology platform is being used to discover proteins for biomarkers, therapeutic markers and drug targets which correlate well with specific clinical parameters of diseases.
  • MelTec - MelTec is a pioneer in topological proteomics optimising the drug discovery process in the post-genomic era. MelTec represents the only company with a proprietary technology capable of performing completely automated proteomics characterization at the single cell level, for an unlimited number of proteins.
  • Mobious Genomics - Mobious is pioneering the development of fundamentally new technologies in the fields of genetic analysis and proteomics. This breakthrough technology takes cellular replication as its inspiration and allows direct, real-time, linear analysis of DNA and protein.
  • Molecular Staging - The MSI approach to proteomics with a systematic, highly parallel approach that enables researchers to study the expression of numerous proteins simultaneously. The MSI chip-based proteomics discovery platform offers researchers a powerful new way to identify new individual and multiplexed sets of biomarkers.
  • Nanoliter - Nanoliter is evolving from a twenty year consultancy in applied mass spectrometry, analytical chemistry, macro/microfluidics and related technical/business arenas.
  • NextGen Sciences - NextGen is a provider of integrated solutions for protein research. The company’s advanced technologies fully automate established, complex research techniques, improving results and accelerating discovery.
  • Northern Lights Proteomics, LLC - Offers expression and purification services for recombinant proteins, listing example projects at their base in Minneapolis, MN.
  • Panacea Pharmaceuticals - Panacea is an emerging biopharmaceutical company focused on utilizing functional genomics and proteomics to develop therapeutic agents and diagnostic tests for diseases with substantial unmet clinical need.
  • Postnova - Postnova provides advanced analytical products and excellent customer service to scientists around the world working in the field of bioanalysis, polymer, particle and environmental analysis.
  • Power3 Medical Products - Power3 Medical Products is a biotechnology company engaged in the discovery of protein footprints, pathways, and mechanisms of diseases.
  • Predicant Biosciences - Predicant is committed to transforming patient care by providing physicians a clinically reliable method of detecting, diagnosing and monitoring complex disease states through the analysis of protein patterns in blood.
  • Pride Proteomics ApS. - Based on expertise since 1979, exploiting 2D-gel electrophoresis, mass spectrometry, molecular biology and bioinformatics for identifying and characterizing markers of disease, target proteins in drug screening and diagnostic tools in Forskerparken, Odense, DK.
  • Procognia Ltd. - Offers array-based proteomic solutions for glycan analysis or glycoproteins and protein function assays from Maidenhead, UK.
  • Prolexys Pharmaceuticals - Prolexys uses pioneering high throughput proteomics technologies to map protein-protein interactions and identify new targets for drug discovery
  • ProMetic Life Sciences - ProMetic's technology has been developed to isolate and purify proteins.
  • Protagen - Protagen is applying latest proteomics technologies to services and product development for the life science industries.
  • Protea Biosciences - Protea providea an integrated protein biomarker identification and characterization capability by linking our proprietary solution-based LC MS/MS protein identification technology with extensive archives of highly characterized biological samples and biological assays.
  • Protein Expert SA. - Contract manufacturing organization, offering custom research and technology platform in recombinant protein production, for academic laboratories, pharmaceutical, biotech and food industries, in Grenoble, France.
  • ProteinOne - ProteinOne is a proteomics biotechnology company that catalogs, develops, customizes and markets purified, biologically active proteins and protein array platforms.
  • Proteome Factory AG. - Offer proteomics services for identification and validation of drug targets and bio-markers. Also buffers, gel solutions, sample preparation kits for 2D electrophoresis and mass spectrometric analysis, from Berlin, Germany.
  • Proteome Generation Systems - Offers 3D protein structure modelling from sequencing data of human chromosomes at Progensys Corp. in Bethlehem, PA.
  • Proteome Systems Ltd - Specializes in the development of new technology for proteomics and its application to discovery programs in the areas of cystic fibrosis, cancer, infectious disease and aging. US and Japanese offices with headquarters in Sydney, Australia.
  • Proteomics Applications Information - Promotion of the ProteomeX workstation, through a series of European seminars, organized by Thermo Finnigan.
  • Proteomics Inc. - Proteomics Inc produces full length native recombinant proteins and antibodies against such proteins for the research community.
  • ProteomTech, Inc. - Offers procedures for the refolding or re-naturing products expressed in E. coli as inclusion bodies, to provide biologically active hormones, precursors, and others. Includes FAQ, publication list, contacts for European and Japanese agents, and their facilities at Emeryville, CA.
  • Proteos - Proteos is a company which offers its customers production of proteins and peptides, and input ranging from consultation on strategies covering all aspects of protein production and purification to service or research in providing crude, or pure proteins and peptides.
  • ProteoSys AG. - Company concentrating on multidimensional proteome analysis for target identification and validation. Includes technology platform, diagnostic marker for Alzheimer, prostate and epithelial cancers, and careers at Mainz, Germany.
  • Protiveris - Protiveris intends to fulfill the promise of proteomics by developing and commercializing label-free silicon microcantilever technology.
  • PRS - Proteomic Research Services - PRS is a company dedicated to providing quality service in protein separations and biological mass spectrometry.
  • Purely Proteins - Purely Proteins is fully committed to expressing, purifying and supplying human proteins at any scale to accelerate drug discovery research.
  • SCREENomics - SCREENomics provides its High-Throughput Expression (HTE) technology for the customized development and production of protein chips for e.g drug-target screening.
  • Serenex - Serenex is set to improve the quality and efficiency of drug discovery and development through the commercialization of novel chemoproteomics technology that delivers unique compound/target knowledge. Functional Proteome Fractionation and Proteome Mining technologies form the basis of the drug discovery technologies.
  • Sidec Technologies AB. - Offering 3D-imaging, structure-function studies, focusing on characterization and interactions of proteins for the pharmaceutical industry. Includes profile of company, tomography, publications in PDF, and careers in Stockholm, Sweden.
  • SomaLogic, Inc. - Technology and services based on photoaptamer array applications for the life sciences research and industry, from Boulder, Colorado.
  • SurroMed - SurroMed's platform for biological marker discovery incorporates proprietary technologies for profiling and analyzing thousands of immune cell populations, proteins and low-molecular-weight organic molecules in small volumes of blood and/or other biological samples.
  • Syn X Pharma - The company leverages its Proteomics Discovery Platform to discover disease associated biomarkers. These biomarkers are used in the development of new therapeutics and highly specialized antibody based diagnostics.
  • Target Discovery - A discovery biology company with six revolutionary platform technologies under development spanning enabling technologies in expressional proteomics, interactional proteomics, metabolomics and systems biology.
  • TECAN - The group at Tecan Proteomics has coupled cutting edge scientific expertise in industrial-scale proteomics research with the core competencies of Tecan to develop and offer functional workstations to solve real world problems.
  • Tienta Sciences - Tienta focuses on the development of proprietary substrates and their applications for Raman, Infrared, and Mass Spectrometry to revolutionize biomedical research and medicine.
  • TransTech Pharma - TransTech's TTP Translational Technology platform utilizes and translates genomic and proteomic data into safe and effective small molecule therapeutics in high throughput fashion, bypassing most of the classical requirements and bottlenecks in drug discovery.
  • ViaLogy - Using its Quantum Resonance Interferometry technology, Vialogy provides quantum improvements in increased detection sensitivity of DNA microarrays, Protein Chips and other detection instruments by four orders of magnitude.
  • Vitateq - Looking for medicinal solutions to help treat infertility disorders, cardio-vascular diseases and neurodegenerative ailments. Includes current research, news releases, and profile of company in Innsbruck, Austria.

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