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  • BelgoBiotech Information Page - Includes a glossary, historic timeline, basic principles, and applications. In English, French and Dutch. Uses Flash 5.0.
  • Biosystems Engineering, University College Dublin - Biosystems Engineering (DN076) is the newest academic offering in University College Dublin's Faculty of Engineering and Architecture. This programme leads to a Bachelor of Engineering degree, integrating engineering and biology.
  • BioTech - Includes a searchable dictionary and chemical acronym database. Features information on bioinformatics, plant derivative applications, glycolysis, and profession resources. Written by the University of Texas and the University of Indiana.
  • Biotech Project - Designed to assist teachers in using biotechnology techniques in their classrooms, to address novel research questions and links to other courses run by the Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology, University of Arizona .
  • Biotechnology Website - Defines biotechnology terms and gives brief history for high school and college students. Includes a list of current applications and career opportunities in the field.
  • Biozone - Explains the development of biotechnology and current applications. Some key terms are defined.
  • Cytergy Scientific E-Learning - Cytergy provides premium online science training for professionals and life science organizations in biotechnology, healthcare, and medicine, with an emphasis on professional education in the areas of medical devices, dental science, biotherapeutics, microbial biofilms, and science policy.
  • Biotechnology YES - Young Entrepreneurs Scheme Competition for 2002 from UK.
  • Bioengineering Program - University of Hawaii Bioengineering Program. In Bioengineering (BE), the emphasis is on life and life-sustaining systems. Bioengineers study the design, production, and operation of engineered systems of living organisms
  • Biotechnology at Iowa State University - Research, educational, industrial and bioethics resources.
  • Biotechnology Studies in English at Jagiellonian University - Information on Undergraduate (BSc) and Masters (MSc) degree program in Biotechnology at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland.
  • MIT Biological Engineering Division - Education and research.
  • Stephen F. Austin State University - Offers master's level program.
  • The UMass Biotechnology Program at Amherst - Education, research and economic development.
  • University of Wisconsin Biotechnology Center - Services, research, curriculum, local biotechnology companies.
  • All India Biotech Association - A non-profit society to provide common forum at the national level to represent the interests of all those engaged in various aspects of biotechnology.
  • Argonne National Laboratory Biotechnology Research - Conducts clinical studies in the areas of bioinformatics, genomics, protein engineering, biochips, proteomics, bio-based chemicals, structural biology, and environmental technologies. Lists research areas and patents.
  • Biofocus Foundation - To improve the sustainable use of untapped agricultural, mineral, and human resources by providing incentives for biotechnology industries in developing countries. Includes company background and mission statement.
  • Bioprocessing Research and Development Group - Specializing in biochemical engineering studies for the Department of Energy and relevant applications.
  • Biotechnology Center - University of Nebraska-Lincoln - Does research on genomics, proteomics, flow spectrometry, mass spectrometry, plant transformation, bioinformatics, and microscopy. Lists services offered, seminar schedule, faculty and bioinformatics club meeting times.
  • Biotechnology Center: University of Illinois - Conducts research with genomics, protein science, transgenic animals, immunology and flow cytometry. Includes list of seminars and services offered to the business sector.
  • Biotechnology Foundation Laboratories - Uses plants to develop cost efficient vaccines. Located at Thomas Jefferson University operates under the direction of Hilary Koprowski, M.D. Includes job listings and contact information.
  • Biotechnology Group - Scottish Enterprise - Features contacts, discussion forums, company profiles, market information, events, news and links. Based in Scotland.
  • Biotechnology Industry Organization - Supports companies and the field as a whole by giving legal support to get FDA approval for new products, sponsoring venture capital forums, sending public releases to the media and lobbying for legislation. Includes industry news and calendar of events.
  • Biotechnology Laboratory of Northwestern University - Offers products and services dealing with arrays, DNA isolation and sequencing, freezer programs, oligonucleotides, proteomics and phosphorimager. Includes a newsletter and seminar schedule.
  • - Wisconsin's Life Science Innovation -, a venture of Wisconsin Biotechnology Association and Forward Wisconsin, is Wisconsin's bioscience and life sciences portal, featuring current biotech news and events, bio business directory and education, research parks and economic development.
  • Centre for Animal Biotechnology - Uses large animal models to create a variety of pharmaceutical drugs and treatments for livestock and humans. Products include vaccines, reagents and kits, drug delivery systems and new drugs. Lists goals, organizations and meetings. Located in Melbourne, Australia.
  • Finnish Bioindustries - Has members from chemical, food, pharmaceutical, diagnostics, forest and plant protection industries.
  • Foundation For Biotechnology Awareness & Education - A registered, non-profit, grassroot, society formed to support sustainable development through biotechnology awareness and education. Includes meeting and workshop schedules, news releases, and articles about current topics. Based in Bangalore, India.
  • France Biotech - Developing biotechnology industry in France. Provides contact between researchers and entrepreneurs, disseminates information, organizes working groups.
  • Hong Kong Institute of Biotechnology (HKIB) - A non-profit, but self-financing downstream development centre for biotechnology products.
  • Institute of Biotechnology - Education and research are focused on the application of microorganisms and enzymes for the production of useful compounds. Includes research, publications, events, and teaching.Zurich.
  • Institute of Biotechnology and Drug Research - Focuses on new fungal metabolites for agriculture and pharmaceutical applications to create new drugs, biopesticides and bioremediation treatments. Includes description of products and services, as well as partnerships. Located in Germany.
  • Institute of Molecular Biotechnology - Offers studies in molecular biology, biophysics, imaging, biotechnology and DNA analysis. Includes list of staff, related links and location.
  • Malaysia MIT Biotechnology Partnership Program - Studies and tries to enhance the use of local plants for medicinal and other practical purposes. Includes program statement, details current research, calendar of events and related links.
  • Marine Bioproducts Engineering Center - Focuses on applied research, education and technology transfer to support the marine biotechnology industry.
  • National Agricultural Biotechnology Council - US body, sponsors meetings and forums to discuss biotechnology issues as they apply to agriculture and the environment. Lists goals and meetings.
  • National Centre for Biotechnology Education - Offers educational resources and practical training for teachers in several European Union countries. Includes links on discussion boards, lab safety tips, and information of some biotechnology areas.
  • The New Jersey Center for Biomaterials - Focuses on tissue engineering and drug delivery. An academic-based developer of innovative biomaterials, working to improve patient care and public health through development and commercialization of future generations of biomaterials.
  • Ohio Plant Biotechnology Consortium - Composed of over seventy scientists representing ten universities. Stimulates and facilitates effective, financially relevant research efforts among Ohio universities and other interested parties.
  • Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Research Group - Focuses on the isolation of new bioactive peptides and small molecules from a variety of sources such as frog, snake and scorpion venoms and plants. Discuss specimen gathering trips in different areas around the world. Includes a frog page. Located at the University of Ulster.
  • Sandia National Laboratories - Biosystems Research Department - Works with government on national security issues and biotechnology applications. Research is focused on microfluidics, cellular and genetic structure, molecular recognition, proteomics and sensor development. Includes list of staff and specialties.
  • Sheldon Biotechnology Centre - Provides core services for the analysis of proteins and DNA for researchers at McGill University.
  • UK Centre for Tissue Engineering - A multi-disciplinary research collaboration between the University of Manchester and the University of Liverpool. Includes news, research, and a list of industrial partners.
  • Union of Concerned Scientists - Works to promote environmentally sustainable agricultural that minimize pesticide, fertilizer, and energy use. Explains what biotechnology is and some alternatives to using that method.
  • University of Maryland Biotechnology Institute - Specializing in biotechnology research in order to improve human health, marine environment, agriculture and protein development. Explains in detail about the purpose of each of the five research centers. Includes news releases and education outreach project information.

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