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  • - Educational tutorials for the covered call strategy. Subscription service available.
  • Black-Scholes Animation - Uses the power of computer animation and price-path simulations to teach the basics of stock options and to make Black-Scholes theory intuitively accessible.
  • Covered Calls - Free data for covered call investing, including a calculator for analyzing positions.
  • - Daily updated lists of covered calls and tools.
  • Option - Stock option analysis focused on Covered Call Option strategies and LEAP option data designed for hedging investing and trading risk in the stock market.
  • Option Research and Technology Services - Methods for observing historical and implied option volatility.
  • The Option Trader - Short term stock and index options trading advisory via e-mail and telephone. Free daily and historical charts. 12-year real-time track record.
  • - Provides options trading education and advisory services for options traders. Features commentary, publications, and options portfolios. Suscription available.
  • - Stock option hedging and covered call search engine.
  • OptionMetrics - Research for individual investors. Intra-day quotes, analysis, implied volatility, strategies, and tutorials.
  • - Daily subscription advisory offer technical analysis of stocks and options.
  • Options Guide - Options on futures strategies and historical options data.
  • OptionVue Research - Online advisory service that is dedicated to providing individual traders with a reliable source of knowledge, tools and data that will allow them to trade options with confidence.
  • OSCC Option Trading Tools - Offers charts derived from a proprietary option model for commodities. Newsletter focuses on market trend and strategies.
  • PowerOptions - Subscription based option research service.
  • - Market analysis and commentary, sentiment research, option quotes, educational and trading tools for stock and option investors.
  • - Subscription service uses technical and Elliot Wave analysis of stocks to provide option picks.
  • The Stock Options Manual - Provides hedged option recommendations and options education.
  • Truth in Options - Stock options consultants for beginner and expert traders and employee owners. Private or group training.

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