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  • Adventek - News, research on tech sector.
  • Aegean Capital Group - Stock market timing and technical analysis. Home of the acclaimed TV and radio show MarketViews.
  • - Members-only site. Helping investment professionals understand the expectations embedded in stock prices.
  • All Star Stocks - Coverage of top performing blue chip, small cap stocks, and mutual funds.
  • - Offers forecasting service based on investor sentiment. Covers all stocks listed on NYSE, NASDAQ, and AMEX.
  • - Free real-time news pages, stock picks, and investor links.
  • The Alternative Markets Review - Specializes in online financial information and analyses for the alternative investment markets.
  • - Screens for companies that are experiencing accelerating sales and earnings growth.
  • Americanbulls - Offers a market guide that gives signals supported by candlestick patterns, commentary and data for stocks in NYSE, AMEX, NASDAQ, OTC, TSE, and VSE.
  • ARC Chart - Online strategic tools for global equity investment research, M and A news, company ownership patterns and investment charts.
  • BCA Research - Includes summaries of current research pieces. A free weekly email update is also available.
  • Black Box Investing - Stock rating system based on technical analysis. Online portfolio services.
  • Blue Sky - Specializing in profiling profitable or near profitable Canadian penny stocks that have the potential for substantial future growth.
  • Briter Systems, Inc. - Provides bi-hourly and end of day quote data and stock financial analysis.
  • The Bull Sector - Using keyword searches in financial news articles identifies stocks that fall into various hot sectors.
  • Center for Research in Security Prices - Historical data files covering common stocks listed on the NYSE, AMEX and Nasdaq Stock Markets, US Government Treasury issues, and US Mutual Funds.
  • ChaseMellon Shareholder Services - Provides stock quotes, charts, snapshots of the market and track your portfolio.
  • - Subscription based site providing stock newsletters, investment advice, and specific recommendations.
  • ChipInvestor - Published by an chip industry veteran. Focused solely on analyzing semiconductor (tech) stocks. Sample reports and performance summary.
  • Cititrade - Specilizes in stock market research, online bill pay, personal financial planning and investment tools.
  • Corporate Window - Provides annual reports and timely financial links and information on public companies trading on the NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX, and OTC exchanges.
  • Crystal Equity Research, LLC - Focused on small capitalization stocks, specializing in emerging companies.
  • - Offers buy sell signals for investing in the world's top stock markets.
  • Daily Stocks - Provides charting, market commentary, news, and fundamental research for U.S. stocks.
  • Derivium Capital - Tap and protect the value of your stocks and vested stock options with innovative stock loans from Derivium Capital.
  • DMS Equity Research - Independent equity research and analysis on U.S. and international securities.
  • Doh Stock Picks - A totally free site that takes the Homer Simpson out of investing in the stock market.
  • Ford Equity Research, Inc. - Provides independent equity research, a monthly publication "Investment Review" containing analysis of recent market action and a portfolio of best-performing stocks.
  • Gazebo Financial Products - Publishes stock portfolios that track economic indicators and market trends.
  • Gillespie Research Associates - Provides broad spectrum analysis and research. Both bullish and bearish views of the debt, equity and currency markets. Independent and free of Wall Street bias.
  • Global Equity Analysis Research - Offers research on stocks traded in the US and Canada with buy/sell recommendations.
  • Group Five Inc. - Securities industry research and consulting.
  • H.I.R. Investments - Provides information on how to trade rolling stocks regardless of market conditions.
  • Indicant.Net - Stock advisory with a weekly report card of current performance.
  • Internet Plays - Stock picks and analysis, including mailing lists, articles, and message boards. Designed for the speculative trader but most investors will find something here.
  • InvestBio - Offers diversified biotechnology stock for investment. Includes list of management and advisors, press releases and contact information.
  • - Provides stock picks, analysis, market commentary and a model portfolio.
  • - An IPO research firm for professional money managers and individual investors. IPO ratings, research reports, analysis, commentary, and educational articles.
  • IPOhome - Renaissance Capital Corporation - Features IPO news, research, prices and commentaries. Also chat and online reports.
  • Jaywalk Incorporated - Find, filter, and purchase unbiased investment equity research from a virtual library of independent research providers.
  • Joe Duarte's Health and Biotech Digest - Biotech stock picks with buy, and sell recommendations. Summary of major trends in biotech and pharmaceuticals.
  • King Investors, Inc. - Research based on proprietary technical analysis models, market commentary for short term traders, focused on technology and other high growth areas.
  • - In-depth research on over 6,000 OTCBB, Pink Sheet and NASDAQ Small-Cap companies.
  • Levels Direct, Inc. - Support and resistance levels for CBOT, CME, EUREX and LIFFE traded contracts delivered daily to your e-mail. Free trial available. New York, NY, USA.
  • - Subscription market forecast service.
  • Measuredmarkets Inc. - A proprietary analysis service that alerts investors on stock's trading pattern changes.
  • - The Green Equity Research Group, LLC. - Offering stock market research, analysis, and education for individual investors.
  • Momentum Traders Network - Evaluates premarket momentum and unusual activity to build a short list of stocks before the opening bell.
  • - Free real-time streaming stock quotes. Customizable java-powered streamer lets you monitor your portfolio throughout the trading day.
  • Multex Global Estimates - Broker and consensus level earnings forecast data for over 16,000 companies in more than 60 countries.
  • Multex Investor Network - Full-text research reports from over 200 brokerage firms, investment banks and independent researchers covering over 200,000 firms.
  • Murphy Morris - John Murphy offers his analysis of the financial markets.
  • National Investment Center for the Seniors Housing and Care Industries - Research and analysis in the long term care industry. Independent market research on financial, funding, investing.
  • NetBulls - Daily Internet stock content, strategies, analysis, and educational seminars. Two week free trial.
  • North American Stock Markets - Offers a market guide that gives signals supported by candlestick patterns, commentary and data for 15000 stocks in NYSE, AMEX, NASDAQ, OTC, TSE, and VSE.
  • Palladian Research - Providing equity research for institutional money managers.
  • Parenteau Corporation Inc. - Research and opinion pieces on companies and investing.
  • Pop1000 - Benchmark index for the entertainment industry.
  • Preview Stock - Stock picks, ideas for the value investor, market analysis, information on Internet stocks and IPOs, Asian ADRs, and a free newsletter.
  • Quantech Research Group - Offers stock recommendations provided exclusively to institutional clients.
  • Rabbitt Analytics - Offers quantitative statistical system ranks 3,000 stocks daily. Attempts to identify the stocks that will likely outperform and underperform the market.
  • - Research and earnings estimates on small cap stocks using fundamental analysis, historic results, and industry analysis.
  • Riedel Research Inc. - Provides independent equity research for Asian equities. Specializing in China, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia.
  • Securities Management Timing, Inc. - Offers analysis of stock market conditions and proprietary investment models.
  • The Short Term Stock Selector - Neural network stock market predictions. Buy, sell and hold recommendations are made each day at noon central time.
  • - Actual short-selling of high-capitalization stocks with meticulous accountability of trades. Updated daily.
  • Simplystocks - Offers stock quotes, broker research, technical analysis and stock market data.
  • Sinkhole Investments - Efficient frontier analysis of 401K plans, a market timer, and a daily, real-time stock screen page.
  • Spelman Research Associates - Provides independent investment company and US stock market research. Features full coverage reports available for download, periodical rating updates, investment newsletter and stock alerts.
  • - Subscription based service providing stock picks based on research of stock splits.
  • SpringboardStocks - Earnings tracking service. Provides timely identification of stocks with sudden earnings acceleration. Free sign up bonus.
  • Stock Forecaster - Offers market forecasting services.
  • Stock Maven - Stock research center, real time quotes and news, live financial markets data, research tools to evaluate and track stocks of publicly held companies.
  • Stockpoint - Analysis stock screening, and recommendations, real time news.
  • Stocks on the Web, Inc. - Internet stock research, statistical comparisons and valuation analysis.
  • The StockWorm - Offers tools for stock analysis including ranking of stock data, stock valuation, technical analysis, stock screening, and portfolio tracking.
  • Stop Loss Trading, Inc. - Investment recommendations for the small investor.
  • SureFireThing - Free stock market prediction.
  • - Stock market research commentary and investment ideas. An investment community of analysts providing stock picks and portfolio management tips.
  • - Provides access to equity research from a number of investment banks. Password-protected, and targeted at institutional investors.
  • theStockGroup - Stock picks as well as a selected stock related links. Site claims exceptional performance from picks.
  • - Tools for selecting and researching stocks.
  • Traders Insights LLC - Specializing in free stock picks, data and quotes, research and analysis.
  • Trader'sEdge - A collection of tools and resources for researching and analyzing stocks. Resources include quotes, market data charting, stock screens, news, and a comprehensive collection of educational resources on investing and technical analysis.
  • Trading Central - Provides stocks and option quotes, charts, technical analysis, email alerts, trading tools, and advisory services.
  • Trading Strategies - Provides day trading, swing trading and investing strategies.
  • TradingPro - Intraday and daily forecasts of the Dow, Nasdaq, S&P 500, S&P 100, and a number of foreign markets using a sophisticated neural network.
  • UnRuly Dog - Offers own investment methodology based on technical analysis and money management. Includes charts, case studies and market commentary.
  • - Offers subscribers a daily list of 25 undervalued stocks. Value your portfolio and favorite stocks online in real time.
  • VectorVest - Combines fundamental valuation with technical analysis on 6,500 stocks each day. Gives buy, sell, and hold recommendations on each stock, every day.
  • Virtual Money Manager - Investment research featuring capital market comments and perspectives on individual companies.
  • Vista Research LLC - Provides independent, unbiased, industry specific research on key investment sectors including Technology, Biotechnology, Network and Information Security.
  • Wall Street Strategies - Independent research on over 1200 issues, first alert, hotline and newsletter.
  • Zenith Trading & Holding Corporation - Stock market analysis, updated daily.
  • - Database of over 50,000 European deals. Search for information on acquisitions, mergers, IPO and private equity transactions.

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