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Investing: Technical Analysis

  • The Atlas Project - Stock prediction based on technical analysis using momentum and trend indicators.
  • Canslim and Growth Stock Analytics - Tailored around William O'Neil's Canslim method of stock picking. Provides weekly screening, graphs and top picks generated from the HI-EPSRS database.
  • Chart Watch Central - Attempts to locate trend reversals by technical analysis.
  • - Technical analysis of stocks from around the world.
  • EquityTrader - Technical analysis using bolinger bands, performance rankings and potential appreciation for 3,300 stocks.
  • Historical Stock Data - Offers free historical data on S&P 500 stocks going back one year. Download, with weekly, monthly, and quarterly updates. Charts with technical analysis for individual stocks.
  • - European technical stock analysis and news. Innovative analysis tools with advanced watch list functionality.
  • Market Topology - Provides visualization tools of the stock market fluctuations.
  • MasterTrend - Analyze and forecast short term market trends.
  • The Pitbull Investor - Mechanical stock and option investment strategies. Modified canslim system.
  • - Offers day trading tips, swing trading newsletter, and short term trading services.
  • ShareStar Technical Analysis - FTSE stocks only, for the UK investor. Subscription only. FSA Regulated.
  • - Free stock charts and market analysis for online investors.
  • Tech Stock Investor - Lists of some of today's fastest growing and most successful companies. Updated monthly.
  • Tech Stocks Online - Real-time stock and biotech news headlines, links to brokers, banks, and investment data.
  • The Technical Trader - Real-time diary of the day trades and market insights a of technical analyst. Includes annotated technical charts and intermediate-term picks.
  • - Provides stock picks to day- and swing trade delivered nightly via e-mail. Subscription-based technical analysis newsletter for trading stocks. Highlighted chart patterns and market commentary.
  • Traders Edge - Trading strategies and stock picks using technical analysis.

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